Project Description


Anyone who has ever met me will tell you that I’m a storyteller at heart. My first passion is acting and I take every opportunity to either be on stage or on set. I was in my first play at the age of five, a musical tribute to Walt Disney, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Growing up relatively poor in Arkansas as a “latch-key” kid television and movies were more than entertainment to me, they were a necessary escape from reality and were as important as air and water to me. The theatres, both movie and playhouses, were hallowed ground and extremely sacred to me;  have to admit that they still are to this day.

My uncle Chuck was always in a production of some type and seeing him on stage changed my life. He also made home movies and even made a few with me in them when I was little. So we can all blame him for exposing me to the “acting bug” that has consumed my life since.

While I am not yet where I want to be in  my career I have been able to work consistently as a performer for the past several years for which I know I am blessed and fortunate. I have spent years studying the craft of acting and am a proud graduate of the prestigious American Academy Of Dramatic Arts two year conservatory in Los Angeles.

My favorite lead roles so far have been as “Man” in The Dragon Play by Jenny Connell Davis, “Teddy” in When You Comin’ Back Red Ryder by Mark Medoff,  and “White” in The Sunset Limited by Cormac McCarthy.

I have written a one person show entitled A Fathers Love and was fortunate to have performed it at The Geffen Playhouse and in various theaters in Los Angeles. I I feel extremely honored to have performed two separate shows at the Geffen Playhouse and at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles .


I spent ten years in the Navy as a journalist (MC1) with the majority of that time in the Combat Camera Unit (COMCAM PACFLT) and was medically retired as a Petty Officer First Class. I am not a hero by any stretch of the imagination but I did serve with some of the bravest men and women that ever lived. Being a part of the Navy was one the greatest joys of my life. I loved my job and the opportunities the Navy has given me. I will forever bleed Blue and Gold; Go Navy!

Here’s a few facts about my time in the Navy.

I joined later in life and went through boot camp at age 32.

I deployed multiple times with my last being in Iraq from 2005-2006.

I completed more than 200 combat missions.

The photo above was taken on the road to Fallujah during my last mission in Iraq in 2006.

I’m honored to have been awarded numerous service medals including the Combat Action Ribbon, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Iraqi Defense Medal and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

I am forever grateful to the US Navy for everything it gave and allowed me to do. I am also thankful for everyone who has taken the oath and put on a uniform as I did. You are my brothers and sisters in arms and will always have your back.


I love to travel and experience new cultures. I try to get out of the country at least once a year so in between gigs. I take any opportunity to either take a road trip or hop a flight to some new destination.  I’m also learning to sail so I can buy a boat and spend a year sailing and writing.

Some of my favorite places include: Toronto and San Diego are currently tied for my favorite cities. I loved Thailand, Guatemala, El Salvador and the reef in Honduras. Although Thailand is by far my favorite get away.

There are few things I like better than hopping on my Harley and taking a road trip. I went from Los Angeles to Florida and back last year and it was incredible. I think I’m going to try to hit the four corners of the US next year; who’s down to ride with me?

I recently took a cruise to to Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. Met some amazing people and had a blast.  A few quick tips if you’re thinking about going on a cruise are: Get the all inclusive drink package (it’s worth it trust me, buy a case of water and bring it on board and lastly make sure to plan excursions!


I am a huge sports fan but I seem to root for teams that implode every year. Football is my primary sport I and I love to play it as well as watch it. I’ve played since I was five and still try to get out on the field once or twice a week if I can.

The teams I root for are; the Arkansas Razorbacks (Can’t seem to beat Alabama), Buffalo Bills (19 seasons without a playoff win, thank you very much!), Toronto Maple Leafs (Stanley Cup winners in 1940!), and the San Diego Padres (or as other teams call them the MLB’s Triple A Team!)

It is not rare to catch me on a football field on a Sunday morning. Seriously since my knees are shot anyone can catch me. I play, and I use that word loosely, in a couple of flag football leagues around Los Angeles. I’d actually like to start a Segway football league; anyone want in?

Although I don’t, and probably shouldn’t even attempt to, play volleyball anymore I still love the game. Love going to the beach and watching the games.

I ‘m always looking for a new sport or activity to get into. I’ve had a few injuries over the years so now I’m looking for things that are less stressful on the knees. I am still a competitor though and probably always will be.

Like I said I’m a sports fanatic!