I’m a character actor who is comfortable in my own skin and believes in showing up, early, treating everyone on set with respect, doing my job and being someone that others enjoy working with. I strive to be the most prepared actor on set and an someone who will give 100% every time. What I may lack in talent, looks or skill I will make up for in hard work and I will never stop pushing myself to put out the best product.

I am well trained and well seasoned but I am constantly studying and honing my craft. I have been fortunate to have done a lot of live theatre and can be easily found on stages around Los Angeles.

I’m an actor who is open to direction, will take chances, make mistakes, isn’t afraid to look like a fool or be moved to tears, and I try to always have a positive attitude regardless of the situation.

My mission is to be to be one of the most effective storytellers of my generation and I am driven by a passion to tell interesting, unique, and compelling stories. I want to collaborate with other artists across all media platforms to showcase the very best in entertainment.

If you’re looking for a character actor who will show up prepared, do his job with a smile, not be a heat source, and be easy to work with then please contact a member of my team and let’s work together.

Your money, time, and trust in me will always be well spent.