Here’s some possible casting options.

Villain Because of my eye damage and shaved head I usually get cast as the "bad guy."
I'm OK with that.
After all every story needs a villain.
Blue Collar I've worked in construction and home renovation so I'm not afraid to get dirty
and am always ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.
Mechanic I do the majority of the maintenance work on my Harley and Jeep
so I can definitely pretend to be a mechanic in tv & film.
Biker I'm a Harley owner and ride with
a couple of veteran & law enforcement motorcycle clubs.
Average Joe I'm a backyard bbq, sports loving, beer drinking, all American guy.
Go Bills! Go Padres! Go Razorbacks!
Go Maple Leafs!
Prepared I arrive at an audition or on set with a positive attitude and the commitment to being the most prepared actor there. Character I've got stand-up, improv, and comedy training & experience
so if you need a funny dad or crazy uncle then look no further.

If you want to see more of me then either check out my headshot page or one of my online profiles!

Actors Access
LA Casting

To be the most effective storyteller of my generation. I am driven by a passion to tell interesting, unique, and compelling stories. I want to collaborate with other artists across all media platforms to showcase the very best in entertainment.
Take chances, make mistakes, laugh often, don’t be afraid to look like a fool or be moved to tears, dance, travel, create, love madly and truly and live a life without fear or regret. Smile no matter what and when knocked down always get back up. Never give up or give in.
No one will ever out work me. I will be the most prepared actor on set. I am an actor who will give you 100% every time.What I may lack in talent, looks or skill I will make up for in hard work. I will never stop pushing myself to put out the best product.  Your money, time, and trust in me will always be well spent.
Those that saw Thom Pain (based on nothing) By Will Eno at the Geffen Playhouse may have seen me on stage with the talented Rainn Wilson. This was the second production at the Geffen that I got to participate in. Admittedly this role was minor at best but I’d rather be an extra in a good production than the lead in a bad one.
Booked both a Firestone national and Bridgestone commercial. Plus if you stop by a local Firestone Automotive shop you’ll most likely see me grinning at you in one of their posters
Can’t share too much about it now but I’ve been working on a new and exciting television project. Can’t wait to be able to announce it Keep checking back here for updates.

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