John was born and raised in Arkansas and spent most of his time in the town of Dover.  John fell in with acting at very early hitting the stage for the first time when he was five years old.  He was the emcee of a tribute to Walt Disney at a school in Clarkesville. If anyone happens to have pictures of the performance he would greatly appreciate you either sending them to him or burning them as his outfit was horrendous.

In addition to his love for the stage he also developed a love of sports at a very early age.  He played football, basketball and tried really hard at baseball. He excelled at football and truly thinks he would have been better at baseball had he not had all of his front teeth knocked out while playing catcher when he was six.   An avid swimmer he spent the summers of his formidable youth getting into trouble at the pool in the nearby town of Russelville.

More to come –